Way Out West HO Racing

HO (AFX) Slot Car Racing in Perth, Western Australia

Hopefully you read the Homepage update about the new WOW track/s etc..

We've enjoyed some fun racing so far this year, our next meet for June 2011 is at my place, contact me with flashtak@hotmail.com for more details :)

Final Race Meet for 2006 - Saturday, Dec 9, in Stratton.

This is ya last chance for the year to come check out some close racing action on a monster 90 foot,  4 lane track.

For details, email me flashtak@hotmail.com (SUBJECT:  SLOT CARS) or post on our forum (http://neophytte.mine.nu/html/index.html).

Seeya next year!



August 2006

Yeah, this site is WAY overdue for an update - better late than never!

Much has been happening with the Perth HO Slot Car Racers group, we have held 5 Race Meets this year, and the 6th happens here August 26.  At the last meet at Karl and Tracey's, we had 15 racers with a couple of added spectators.  Keeps growing...  mainly thanks to the continuous promotional efforts of one Mr Geoff B.

No one has beaten Karl yet in the Super G+ class.  Probably because everyone else has made ME a target to whip !!  Can I make good on my home track?   Geoff has taken some time out to put a fast car together, and it certainly showed last time.  For race reports and heaps of pictures, visit http://neophytte.mine.nu/photo/2006-07-15-HO_slotcar_meet/ .

I finally created a new F1 shape, complete with integral wing.  It seems well received by our racers, and the cars look better with the rear wing intact.  Many other bodies are now being formed, including oddities like the Volvo 740..

Way Out West Raceway is being lightly upgraded.  I am finally installing a 2nd power tap, even though the track doesn't have any major power issues it will make it just that little bit more consistent.  I will also be extending some of the corner aprons in the midfield.

There is much enthusiasm about adding a new, faster class for 2007.  Possibly an all polymer magnet type of car, but we are keeping in mind startup and running costs to keep them in check.

Many rumours abound of people experimenting with routed tracks - what will 2007 bring?

Till next time I get around to writing stuff....    come racing!!


Next Race March 25th NOR at Geoff's track.

Geoff and Kay put on a great show for this race meet, everyone agreed the track looked fantastic and raced even better.  Thanks to Cam for showing up and fixing a small electrical hiccup, and everyone who raced for some close competition.

CONGRATULATIONS to Tracey for winning the Tjet class on her first race outing, and I believe Carl (Karl?) may have won the Mod SG+ race.  Pictures at http://neophytte.mine.nu/forum/simpleforum.cgi?fid=05&topic_id=1140391948 , full race results on there shortly.



This race event was a great success, full race results and pictures from the day can be found at http://neophytte.mine.nu/photo/2006-02-11-HOrace/ . Thanks to Richard for posting pics, and Geoff for publishing results.  We will be racing again late next month, I urge anyone interested to come along and take part! Stay tuned for more details......

It's on, our first meeting for the year.
When:     Saturday Febuary 11th
Where:    Dave's place, Bibra Lakes
Time:       Practice 1:00pm to 2:00pm
               Racing 2:00pm to 4:00pm
               Hot laps 4:00pm to 5:00pm
Racing will be in three classes:
    1) the warm up - Tomy Turbo Stock.
    2) the drivers test - Thunder Jets Stock.
    3)  the main event - Tomy Super G+ with soft bodies and silicone tyres.
Spare cars will be available so don't worry if you don't have the right car, you can still come and have fun.
This is the first of 7 planned meetings for the year. The meetings will alternate between SOR and NOR to spread the travelling around. Anyone who would like to host and have the "home track" advantage please let me know so we can schedule a meeting at your place.
I will be sending a reminder out about a week before which will cover all the details but put it into your diary now so it is not forgotten. Email if you have any questions.
Look forward to seeing you all there.
or for national info check out http://www.ozhoslotcars.com/  

June '05

Hey, June comes after February doesn't it??!  You only realise why ppl don't update there website regularly when you get one of your own...

This is a brief update just before I head into another round of exams.  On the body moulding front I've now got HQ sedans and utes, E49 R/T Chargers, XW Phase II Falcons, BA Falcons, New Minis and Beetles, Baja VWs, Formula 1's.

On Sunday 22nd May I managed to get a few ppl over for a race meet - thanks to David Q, Jens and Tony, Geoff, Nod and Katie for showing up.  Will be having another meet in July, hopefully Paul A can make it.  If you'd like to come along please email me, we're going to be racing a class of Tomy Super G+ cars wearing silicone tyres.  Very quick and affordable racing.  Everyone seemed to have a good time, it's a fun atmosphere with some friendly competitiveness thrown in.

I've modified the power supply units, firstly to increase the voltage adjustment range up to 24V, and added an external adjustment with 6 separately adjustable settings to choose from.  They are currently in 2V steps from 12V to 22V.  VERY convenient to change settings for different classes or drivers.  I can get hold of more of these in their standard form, and come July could even build a similar setup to order for minimal $$.  Eastern states guys take note that they are not heavy and could be posted over for not much money ;) .

A few track pieces have been replaced, thanks Geoff for supplying the bits!  Some of the compound corner sections have been soldered together to reduce power losses, and the results are worthwhile.  Will solder entire track into about 5 -6 sections when I get time. 

Hope to get some new pics up soon.

'till next time


Recent WOW Stuff... January/February 2005

Apart from studying for a supplementary ThermoDynamics exam, I've spent a good part of my Uni break working on new patterns for molding clear 'soft' bodies.  Blew out my old heating element, tried a new one but got unsatisfactory results, found a better alternative which gives consistently good molds YAY!! 

As shown in the Pictures pages, I've got a few projects of The List and into "Production".  The first of these was to replicate some of the older Tamiya RC models from the early/mid eighties.  So far I've done The Frog and  The Hornet.  Getting decals printed for these was a bit tricky, but a bit of research yielded a great end product.  Still have to build my OffRoad track one of these days.....

I turned my attention to more  modern  local cars and came up with a HO version of the Ford BA Falcon GT.  This ones looks the goods with some fine detail, but it's a pain in the butt to remove from the mold, once formed!  Bought some Tamiya Fluoro Orange to match the vivd colour of the real thing, though the Purple (comes out Blue in photos) is still my fav.  Pinned an orange version to a P3 chassis, drives well.

Latest creation is the Holden HQ Kingswood - a real Aussie motoring icon, and I have never seen one done in 1/64 scale.  So I had to start from scratch with a lump of wax and hand carve the entire bloody thing....  then copy in resin...  then hand finish....  then rectify some problems...  blah blah blah...  I'm not usually one to "toot my own horn", but I gotta say I'm really happy with the way this one turned out.  All the fine detail comes out in the molding, making it easier to paint.  I seem to have a preference for racing any car with 4 doors, maybe it's because they're closer to racing the family runabout :)  . 

With one week left before Uni starts again, I doubt I'll get any new models happening, but I will still do a few of the minor tasks like making a switchable voltage selector.   Skool is getting quite difficult, so the slot car thing will HAVE TO take a back seat (must repeat 100 times each morning...).   I'd still like to get a Race Series going, once a month.  So if you haven't already, CONTACT ME!!!  'Till next time...

October 2004

New aquisitions include a small supply of NOS Aurora G+ chassis.  These cars are a great drive, having a very good balance of power vs traction.

Not many projects happening atm as Uni is fairly hectic.  I did manage to 'power up' a 1/43 scale die cast car, namely a Cadillac '55 Eldorado.  It goes surprisingly quickly with lots of wheelspin 

Nothing happening on the body moulding front as I managed to short out my heating element.....

Hoping to get some new pics up soon.

December '04

First off, Merry Xmas to all, please be sensible when you need to ;)  .

Uni has finished for the year, so abundant time to play with all manner of slot car toys!!!   Got straight into vac. molding, producing many New Beetles/Minis, working on the details to get the process perfect, improving each time.

Painted some previously produced 'Commodore' bodies and fitted them to both my G3 and P2 cars.  The P2 is SOOOO much easier to see with a body on. 

Have aquired a heap of NOS Aurora G+ chassis, these have become one of my favourite drives, not fast but rather 'taily' and forgiving (ie FUN).  Beetles/Minis are mounted on these.

Bought some OLD Aurora AFX cars (the original AFX), they came with a four lane race set c.1970.  They have no magnetic traction whatsoever and are at best a handful to get around the track.  Look very cool though.  Took some tinkering to get all of them running but they perform well now.  Might see how they go with silicon tyres instead of rubber.

Speaking of silicon, I have begun to venture into the world of resin casting using silicon cast molds.  Only experimenting at this stage, been casting silicon shapes in wax too (hello to home made tyres???).  Hope to accurately replicate the Racing Rig bodies as these have disappeared from shelves altogether.  If successful I might flog some off at cost price, they are real cool to 'race'.

Lastly, I scored my very own digital camera for Xmas (thank you to my wonderful family :) ) so I FINALLY was able to post some pics covering most of the above.   Take care all, drop me a line at WOWHOR, see you in the new year!!