Way Out West HO Racing

HO (AFX) Slot Car Racing in Perth, Western Australia

Racing this Saturday 8th March, 2014!!

Must be that time for this site's update, I tend to remember it once a year or so..

This Saturday, 8th March we are invited to Geoff's track for some hi speed toy car fun.

If you'd like to check out what we do, then email me and I can provide some details :)


Way Out West HO Raceway - the new track!

As mentioned in the Home page, Way Out West Raceway has undergone a total replacement, the original Tomy AFX plastic track has gone, in it's place sits my own custom hand routed twisty 4 lane road course.

Beginning construction..

Main slot routing...

All routing finished :)

After some priming, painting, railing and framework, this is the (almost finished) end result..

Am very happy with the end product, my efforts were well worth it 
The smoothness of a continuous rail track is quite noticeable, with no noticeable power drop throughout a lap.
Traction on the enamel racing surface is very good, helped by the magnetic pull towards the 2.5x0.5mm power rails.
Lane spacing is 40mm (compared to about 35mm on Tomy track), with enough room for racing, but still close enough for some love taps in the corners!

The track runs well with box stock Auto World/Johnny Lightning TJets, box stock Tomy Turbos, modified Tomy Super G+'s and the super fast Restricted Open (RO) class.
Power supply is still from my adjustable regulated unit from the original track.

My Home Track.

Way Out West Raceway is a 4 lane Tomy AFX racetrack with an average lap length of just under 45'.

Timing is done through a dedicated PC using Laptimer2000 (freeware) and employs magnetic reed switches for lap sensing.  This has proven to be very effective, reliable and cheap.

Currently wired for standard Tomy controller plugs and 1/4" stereo plugs on controllers, see HO Slot Car Racing website in Links page for wiring details.

Track power is provided by my home built regulated adjustable power unit, selectable between approx. 11 - 25 volts and providing roughly 1.5 Amps per lane (compared to only 350 mA @ 16V for the standard Tomy items...).  I can build you one if desired 

Average lap times are fairly even on each lane, but each lane is quite different to drive.  Racing is anticlockwise.

Laps under 5 secs with a standard (rubber tyre) Super G+ means you're getting the hang of things, while a silicon tyre car should lap under 4 secs.

Sept. 2004:  New Polymer magnet Open class Patriot P2 car lapping in the 2.7sec range!!

Lap record at 18V currently stands at 2.608 secs...  


Way Out West Raceway

Track Layout Diagram