Way Out West HO Racing

HO (AFX) Slot Car Racing in Perth, Western Australia

Other HO Slot Car Sites to See


Pics from our race events for 2006.  Check out our forum ramblings for details on upcoming races.



Rod Thurgood's site.  A very informative and helpful fellow.  Owner of Mad Max Motorplex, NSW.  Link to the OzHO forum http://p198.ezboard.com/bhothundadownunda


Toowoomba, QLD,  HO racing at Nomad Raceway.  Active club racing HO road circuit AND 6 lane oval (speedway)! Run by Pete 'Richo' Richards.


AFX contact in Tasmania.  Randall Preuss also manufactures Tassie Slicks, so far the best silicone tyres I've raced on.  Also a source of various go-faster bits eg poly magnets.


New Perth raceway, site under construction, but check out this HUGE layout.  Run by the team of Drew, Clair and kids.


Heaps of construction and technical info.


Home of the BSRT range of cars/parts.


Possibly my favourite web site - ever thought you'd see HO scale 4WD MONSTER TRUCKS climbing all over crushed cars??  Or how about scale TRACTOR PULLING??  Off Road Racing??

All this and some even stranger stuff (check out the Show Time page.. )


Hideously fast HO drag racing.  Also some incredibly painted car bodies.  Impressive.


1/24 Drag Racing scene in WA.  New home of the Xtreme Raceway strip.  Run by Dave Hunter, lots of info and pics..  


New 1/32 scale commercial raceway in Bibra Lake!!  Currently 3 tracks operating, two 4 laners, and a big high speed 6 laner.

Routed tracks with copper tape.

2/32 Clark Crt, Bibra Lake.