Way Out West HO Racing

HO (AFX) Slot Car Racing in Perth, Western Australia

Racing this Saturday, 8th March!!

Next race is Saturday, 11th June 2011!! 
Contact me flashtak@hotmail.com for details if you wish to come for a look/race  :)

Will be running our usual classes of TJet (box stock), Tomy Turbo (box stock) and Modified SG+

Will also have the drag strip operational, with Bracket Race capability to test out ya trigger finger 

2011 Way Out West Raceway Update!!

It's only been about 4 years since I looked at this website, so figured I should bring it into the present decade 
Way Out West Raceway (ie my house) is still here, but there's been some major changes since 2007.

The biggest change is the replacement of my dear old plastic track layout, with my hand routed 2400x1200mm tight and twisty road course in 2008.

I designed this track with the popular TJet (Thunderjet) chassis in mind, almost endless curves to test throttle control and sliding fun.
Don't be fooled however, as our other classes (Tomy Turbo, modified SuperG+ and Restricted Open) really get moving at a surprising pace, with the overall lap record standing at 1.8 something seconds...   

The next new addition is the WOW Drag Strip, which comes out to play on occasion for some casual strip wars.
Our group wasn't sure about HO drag racing, but once we tried it we realised how much fun it can be :)
The 1/64 quarter mile strip is fully functional with computer timing and light control, either Pro or Full tree, with speed trap and Foul lights.  Also has the ability to split the tree for Eliminator style competition.

Note the lovely looking new drag cars from Auto World, there's 8 different models available in both Pro Stock and Funny Car.

The final WOW addition isn't even finished yet, but it's functional!  I've always wanted to build some kind of Off Road type track, incorporating a flying jump as a crossover.
After much experimenting, this is what I came up with...

The "blank" area is where I'm installing the electrical bits (controller sockets etc), and will be finished shortly (I hope!).

Hopefully this update will let you know that we are still actively racing HO/AFX slot cars here in Perth - if you'd like to come check us out, please contact me, Dave Gannaway, at flashtak@hotmail.com .

Come have some toy car racing fun!!

2007 Season Opener!! February 17 at WOW Raceway

The 2007 Race Season is here!

Saturday, February 17 sees the Perth HO Slot Car group convene at the home of Yours Truly for our first official points meet of the year.

This time we'll see a couple of changes, plus running the long anticipated Restricted Open class.

Classes to race (some details are yet to be confirmed) :  

  • Classis (Thunderjets, box stock) - this extremely popular class is running as per the 2006 format :)
  • Stock (Tomy Turbo, box stock) - same cars, new race format.  The one-on-one eliminations will be replaced with a 4 car Round Robin type format, possibly as 1 minute sprint brackets per lane.  Two separate points classes all racing together.
  • Improved Stock (Tomy Super G+, modified) - same qualifying and heats, but 2 separated classes depending on driver standings from last season.
  • Restricted Open (any HO car, with mods) - time to go seriously quick.  Limited to a Green Wire arm, but almost anything else goes! 

This season should see some awesome racing across the classes, driving standards and car prep skills have advanced dramatically. 

Track opens at about 10:30am on the day, first Tjet bracket starts at 1pm.  Sausage sizzle provided, bring your own drinks and nibbles. 

Spectators and new Racers are most welcome, please contact either myself ( flashtak@hotmail.com  SUBJECT:  Slot Cars) or post on our well used forum (http://neophytte.mine.nu/forum/?fid=05) and introduce yourself.

Seeya here



2006 Final Race Meet!! Sat, Dec 9 in Stratton.

It's been a hectic year of close racing, but the end is finally here!!

Our last race meet for the year is at Drew and Clair's place, on the recently reworked monster track, about 90 feet lap length!!

Competition is keen, with several practice sessions had by a few of us.  Will someone break the 6 second barrier with a SG+ ?

T-jet racing will be interesting, as with such a long track only a handful of laps can be squeezed into 2 minute brackets.  Maybe we'll run 3 minutes.

I'm sure at the end of the day the all Polymer Wizzard (and possibly BSRT) cars will come out for some lightning quick laps, as a precursor to next year's RO class.

This is your last chance to come and check out some frenetic racing, on what is probably the biggest track in WA (one of the biggest in Oz).

Just email me, flashtak@hotmail.com (SUBJECT:  SLOT CARS) or post on our forum (http://neophytte.mine.nu/html/index.html) for details.

Bring it on....




Welcome to the Way Out West HO Slot Car website.  Situated about 15mins from Fremantle, Way Out West Raceway is my home 4 lane Tomy AFX racetrack. 

I began seriously racing HO slot cars in mid 2002, when a bike riding fall left me with a blown out knee.  While unable to walk for almost 3 months, I decided to drag out my old Lightning Larry Perkins AFX set to keep me occupied.  I purchased some 2nd hand track sections to add to the layout, and it just grew from there....

As the track grew along with my interest, I began looking on the Net for other HO tracks and racers.  To my delight I found there is a large range of aftermarket cars, parts and tracks to make these tiny 1/64 cars go at RIDICULOUS speeds (in the US, some drag cars are reported to have hit 108MPH!!).  As with any form of racing, your top speed limit is partially governed by the size of your wallet.  However, the most beneficial modifications are also the cheapest...

I have also turned my attention to creating all manner of vehicles to race at W.O.W. Raceway, from regular cars, trucks, even monster trucks! (see More Pics page )

WA might have a small population, but it seems a large proportion of us have an interest in one form of motorsport or another.  If you are looking for something cheap, and more importantly, LOADS of FUN, then contact me for further info .


Dave:  flashtak@hotmail.com

(Please put SLOT CARS in subject text).



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